Llicorella Vins, SL

Llicorella Vins, SL


This smal winery, which faces Montsant mountains, was born in the first year of the 21st century in the ground floor of the old house Cal Farré in Torroja del Priorat. This building, where forge used to be in the past, was transformed and equiped with the necessary elements for an accurate elaboration. Thus, stainless steel stores now live next to the press and French and American oak wineskins, where wine is aged. This is how new technologies merge with the traditional way of making wine in Priorat, so that a great product can be achieved.


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Winery information

Boss: Eduard Arnal
Winemakers: Josep Arnal
Address: C/ de l'Era, 11
Town: Torroja del Priorat
Postcode: 43737