Vins d'Alta Qualitat, SL

Vins d'Alta Qualitat, SL


Rotllan Torra is a family wine company located in Torroja del Priorat, which make wine in very low numbers. The building is a house build by Carthusian monks in the 15th century, where production, aging and storage take place. A second location is the village's own producing building, aka Cooperativa, where logistics and production departments can be found. Rotllan Torra has been making wine for over 25 years, and it's also been working on independant and cult wines for the last 12 years, thanks to which they got various awards and high marks in national and international guides and magazines, such as "Wine Spectator", "Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate”, “Wine Enthusiast”, “Wine Cellar” and “Wine Press”.


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Winery information

Boss: Albert Rotllan Torra
Winemakers: Jordi Rotllan Torra
Address: C/ Balandra, 6
Town: Torroja del Priorat
Postcode: 43737
Telephone: 977839285