DOQ Priorat introduces two new Vins de Finca (Estate Wines), which is the maximum qualification for a wine. They are Clos Fontà and Coma Blanca, both from Mas d’en Gil, two wines that were unveiled last week in the very same winery located in Bellmunt del Priorat. The event was led by Teresa Jordà, Agriculture, Stockbreeding and Fisheries Generalitat de Catalunya Councillor.

Clos Fontà is a wine made using Black Grenache and Carignan grape varieties, which evoke the essence of DOQ Priorat territory. Meanwhile, Coma Blanca is made using White Grenache and Macabeo.

Mas d’en Gil, owned by Rovira Carbonell family, introduced their first DOQ Priorat wines in 2000: Coma Vella, Clos Fontà and Coma Blanca, a 1998 vintage wine.