Celler Mas de les Pereres, SL

Celler Mas de les Pereres, SL


After six years looking for the best wine region in Italy, France and Spain, Dirk Hoet established himself in Priorat and bought the “Mas de les Pereres”. Dirk Hoet decides how and when to plant the vineyard, how to treat them and the best moment for the harvest with the aim to create Mediterranean wines with a personal touch. Dirk Hoet has been deeply inspired by his friend and mentor Fiammetta Inga (Umbria, Italy) and Jean Natoli, his oenologist.


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Winery information

Boss: Dirk Hoet
Winemakers: Dirk Hoet
Address: Mas de les Pereres
Town: Poboleda
Postcode: 43376
Telephone: 977827257