De Muller, SA

De Muller, SA


Winery founded in 1851 by Don Augusto De Muller and Ruinard de Brimont, this was one of the very first wine makers in Priorat. Since 1995, De Muller S.A. belongs to family Martorell. They modernised the facilities and improved the workflow in Priorat's winery, thanks to an enlargement of the old facilities in 1999. The winery, with over 5.000hL, is located in "Mas de les Pusses", from which grapes are collected. Using these grapes and some effort, De Muller wines are made, to provide their own style and identity, strengh and toughtness where they come from


Prior reservation

Winery information

Boss: Pere Martorell Garcia
Winemakers: Jordi Benito Prades
Address: Mas de les Puces
Town: El Molar
Postcode: 43736
Telephone: 977756265

Wines of winery De Muller, SA