Celler Devinssi

Celler Devinssi


The year 2000 saw the start of Celler Devinssi, an enterprise involved in winemaking, founded by Josep Roca, Master in Enololgy and Viticulture, with experience in the world of wine since 1980-s. In 2001 first vineyards were planted at the Les Planes vineyard (Planassos section) in Gratallops and construction works began to build a small cellar in the same village, the focal point of Priorat. The cellar building occupies the space and two well-preserved walls that used to belong to an olive oil mill. First wines were elaborated from grapes cropped at small strips in Gratallops and La Vilella Baixa. In 2005, a vineyard of old Carignan grapevines was purchased (at the southern part of the Aubagues section) to produce the Rocapoll wine (vi de vila, 300 bottles per vintage. Currently, we handcraft annually around 12,000 bottles of DOQ Priorat certified wine. On the one hand, the name of the winery hints at the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci, who was known for the diversity of his talents, and thus we highlight that in a small wine-making business you have to be able to perform different tasks and be an artist to elaborate matchless, unique items. On the other hand, “De vins, sí” (in Catalan: “about wines, yes”) is an expression that can be completed with many verbs: “yes, we know about wines / yes, we understand wines / yes, we love wines”…


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Winery information

Boss: Josep Roca Benito
Winemakers: Josep Roca Benito
Address: C/ Massets, 1
Town: Gratallops
Postcode: 43737
Telephone: 977839523