Domaines Magrez Espagne, SL

Domaines Magrez Espagne, SL


Mr Bernard Magrez, owner of numerous wineries in the world, was trying to creat a quality wine. This is why he invested in Priorat. This is the production process:
Grapes enter the winery in great condition. Once threshed, grapes goes on a conveyor belt so that the fruit can be selected and then left inside wooden vats, with automatic temperature control, so that fermentation starts in the most suitable conditions. Wine then rests inside French oak wineskins for 18 months, where it grows and transforms into a better wine.


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Winery information

Boss: Jean-Philippe Trollet
Winemakers: Jean-Philippe Trollet
Address: Plaça Catalunya, 5
Town: Porrera
Postcode: 43739
Telephone: 977828016

Wines of winery Domaines Magrez Espagne, SL