Els Vil·lusionistes

Els Vil·lusionistes


The micro-winery Vil·lusionistes, located in the heart of La Vilella Baixa, known as the New York of Priorat, is in the ground floor of an old house home of both a small distillery and a café. Sergi Siuraneta and Anna Molina, friends in school in the past and descendants of families with a long tradition in Priorat, decided to move away from a mere control of vineyards they got from their families, and also make pure wines where the main flavour comes just from the best grapes. This way, they let the world know about their Carignan and Grenache varieties: nude and pure.


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Winery information

Boss: Sergi Siuraneta i Roser Amorós
Winemakers: Roser Amorós
Address: C/Freixinals, 10
Town: La Vilella Baixa
Postcode: 43374
Telephone: 696634851