Genium Celler, SL

Genium Celler, SL


In 2002, five families with a long tradition in wine cultivation in Poboleda decided to join forces to produce quality wine with grapes exclusively coming from their own crops. The vineyards working philosophy is to produce grapes exclusively for Genium Celler wines. The main part of the production is declared and recognized by CCPAE as ecological.
Even though it’s a small winery, stainless steel reservoirs of different capacities are used in their premises in order to ferment every kind of grape in its optimal state of maturity. They also have a cooling equipment to control the fermentation temperature and a grapes selection table.


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Winery information

Winemakers: Roser Amorós
Address: C/ Nou, 92 baixos
Town: Poboleda
Postcode: 43376
Telephone: 977827146