La Conreria d'Scala Dei, SL

La Conreria d'Scala Dei, SL


Conreria de Scala Dei is a small winery in the heart of Priorat, which makes great wines from their vineyards. The wine project began in 1982, by buying and renting old vines and planting new ones. First wine was produced in their own winery in 1997. Jordi Vidal, enologist and one of the main partners, pushes the possibilities of the various terroirs to the limit and makes wines with a unique personality.
The winery is located in La Morera de Montsant but it belongs to Scala Dei.


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Winery information

Boss: Jordi Vidal
Winemakers: Jordi Vidal
Address: C/ Mitja Galta, 32
Town: Scala Dei
Postcode: 43379
Telephone: 977827055