Maius Viticultors, SCP

Maius Viticultors, SCP


History in the world of wine began in 1949 when Manuel Gómez, father of today's owner, opened a small shop in Sant Cugal del Vallés that would sell wine in bulk. In 1998, the family bought a piece of land in La Morera de Montsant together with Joan Milà. His son, Eloy Milà, is the person in charge of making "Maius". First year of this wine was in 2004. In 2011, a new winery was built in the farm.


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Winery information

Boss: Josep Gómez
Winemakers: Eloy Milà
Address: Finca Mas del Mustardo. Polígon 8, parcel·la 103
Town: Poboleda
Postcode: 43361
Telephone: 696998575