Mas Martinet Viticultors, SL

Mas Martinet Viticultors, SL


Family Pérez Ovejero began their project in Mas Martinet in 1981. They studied orientation, rootstocks, varieties, climate, soil... and these studies were applied in vineyards that make today's wines: Clos Martinet, Martinet Bru and Camí Pesseroles. 20 years later, in 2000, all vineyards, olive trees and woods were managed as a one agrosystem, under the rules of agroecology. Today, they produce a wine from each vineyard, almost forgotten traditional varieties are back and they work eco-friendly agriculture so that every bottle gets to explain stories of Priorat's landscape.
They are located in the Falset area, but they belong to Gratallops.


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Winery information

Boss: Sara Pérez
Winemakers: Sara Pérez
Address: Ctra. Falset-Gratallops, Km. 6
Town: Gratallops
Postcode: 43730
Telephone: 629238236