Merum Priorati, SL

Merum Priorati, SL


The roots of Mervm Priorati go back deeply in time and history of Priorat. Their vocation is winemaking and the main purpose is taking care of vineyards that slowly and painfully grow on a hard, complex soil that is toughly worked by our farmers. In Mervm Priorati they know a good wine is born from the vineyard; they also are aware that only excellent wines can transmit the essence of the terroir they came from. Mervm Priorati works to offer Estate Wines that, qualities aside, can go on for a long time, while evoking sensations and staying in the memory of those that try them. They're all born in Porrera: 102ha of mountains, 20.5ha of which have traditional varieties of Priorat.
Mervm Priorati believes in enotourism. They welcome visitors, groups or companies that are looking for reality and would love to enjoy the path our wines take, from the purest vineyard and the essence of the winery until the great moment of tasting them.
Mervm Priorati is a winery that belongs to Pere Ventura Family Wine Estates and a proud member of CERVIM


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Winery information

Boss: Roger Oferil Coll
Winemakers: Roger Oferil Coll
Address: Carretera a Falset (T-740). Km 9,3
Town: Porrera
Postcode: 43739

Wines of winery Merum Priorati, SL