Sangenís i Vaqué

Sangenís i Vaqué


In 1978, Pere Sangenís and Conxita Vaqué started growing vineyards in Porrera. This land is known to have belonged to the maternal family -Monlleó- since way before 1700, where main use was growing vineyards. In 1979, Pere and Conxita began to make wine in the building located in Plaça Catalunya, the old Jose Simó's winery, Conxita's grandfather, who had been a winemaker and wine trader since 1886 until he died. Pere has been producing wines that combine traditional methods with new tendencies in this winery. Lately, Maria and Núria Sangenís joint the project, sharing the responsability to make some pretty great wines.


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Winery information

Boss: Conxita Vaqué
Winemakers: Pere i Maria Sangenís
Address: Plaça Catalunya, 3
Town: Porrera
Postcode: 43739