Cims de Porrera

Cims de Porrera


In 1996, Cims de Porrera was born from the concern to recover the centenarian old and indigenous vineyard from Porrera (cariñena and garnacha) that grows in llicorella soils which are located on a 40-50% gradient with an average production of 300 to 500 gr. of grapes per plant. The initiative started together with the membership of the village Cooperative, to whom Cims de Porrera buys the grapes with the aim of encouraging the young farmers to keep this precious vineyard (40 Ha. of vineyard of 60-105 years).
The annual production is 70.000 bottles.


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Winery information

Winemakers: Adrià Pérez i Marc Pérez
Address: Crta. de Torroja, s/n
Town: Porrera
Postcode: 43739
Telephone: 977828233